International Recording Artist; Little Moses Jones Wows Audiences With His Explosive Original Music And High Energy Live Performances. It’s Like Watching A James Brown Show Mixed With Bruno Mars, Totally Unique.

Denver, Colorado — Monday, August 12th, 2019 — Little Moses Jones is back at it again with his new self titled album “Little Moses Jones”.  Little Moses Jones wanted to bring you fun but a real album that will have you going thru all kinds of different feelings such as dancing, love, your way of life and more. Little Moses Jones invites you to join this music ride with him as he prepares for the next step of his career.

Little Moses Jones is an artist for the people. His music relates to things that most everyone has been thru, situations that are hard to talk about. Denver Artist Little Moses Jones resides in Denver, Colorado. Look for Little Moses Jones In A City Near You.

Little Moses Jones first CD titled had a special meaning that we want everyone to think about.
What Did You Do Today To Be Great?
How Will People Remember You?
Most of us do not think about this. Live your life to the fullest and remember that your actions are what most people remember you by.

The appropriately titled CD “Legendary” of Little Moses Jones’ original work was released in 2014. The CD was nominated for 5 Hollywood Music Awards for “funky Cruise”, “Walk this Road Alone”, “It’s Over”, “Shake It” and “Merengue Funk”. Little Moses Jones sound is a live energetic one that captivates audiences all over the world. His songs such as Shake It will keep you on the dance floor, bobbing your head to the funky sounds of this hit.

Little Moses Jones is currently working on his self-titled album “Little Moses Jones”. It features major international talent from all over the world such as Darryl Woolfolk, Bobby Messano, Hazel Miller, Tony Exum Jr. and many more. This album will talk you on a musical journey from past to present to captivate your hearts. Little Moses Jones Self Titled Album is set to release by the beginning of 2020.

Get Your Copy Of Legendary Today By Little Moses Jones. Your Ears Will Love You.


Denver Artist, Little Moses Jones is a high energy artist that brings back soul, blues and r&b in a new style. With his catchy sound, he will have you asking for his next song and upcoming show.



Little Moses Jones
405 W 115th Ave #3

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An Englishman, A Turk And A Sydney Wild Child Walk Into A Studio

Sydney, NSW, Australia — Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 — Announcing the latest single from Sydney Alt-Rock 3-piece Accidental President – ‘100 Days’ Anyone who needs their Alt-Rock fix laced with attitude & authenticity will be keen to hear Sydney based Accidental President’s latest single ‘100 days’.

A follow up to 2017’s debut ‘jiggery-pokery’ & 2018’s ‘The King is Dead’, this riff-driven, harmony infused, romper stomper, demonstrates just what can happen when multiculturalism brings together a Wild Child Aussie Orator, an English Guitar Punk & a Manic Drumming Turk.

A female-fronted rock 3 piece out of Sydney with a harmonically driven hard-hitting sound, Accidental President is earning plaudits for their dynamic LIVE show, artistic concepts & showmanship.

Available via ALL the usual Digital outlets, 100 Days is OUT NOW!

“Original rock ‘n’ roll carnage, these performers are impossible to ignore … Stadium-rending riffs, crushingly dramatic builds and a hard, echoing vocal. This is Accidental President …” Happy Mag (Aus) “Hard-edged and raucous, definitely post-grunge and as tight as a bank vault………it’s the cutting edge tunes and immediately memorable melodies which impress the most.” 100% Rock

EST. 2015 – Visionaries NOT Followers.

Accidental President is Bethany Neville (Vocals), Dave Ben Lee (Guitars & Vocals) & Alper Akin (Drums). Technically, ideologically & inspirationally committed to their musical craft, the Accidental President is an Alt-Rock force with a social conscience. And NO they weren’t named after a ‘certain’ President, but before all ‘that’ kicked off! They are currently in the studio working towards their debut album due out late 2019.

Flag Bearers & Agitators, it’s time to stand and be bold. Fierce, Authentic, Hard-Hitting Rock is the soundtrack. Check out the new single & video for  ‘100 days’ at Stream/purchase via most popular digital outlets.



EST. 2015 – Visionaries NOT Followers, Accidental President are a female-fronted rock 3 piece out of Sydney with a harmonically driven hard-hitting sound. Following their formation in 2015 leading to their well-received 2017 debut EP ‘jiggery-pokery, 2018 saw the return of Accidental President with an exciting new line up for their 2nd release ‘The King is Dead’. Guitarist Dave Ben Lee was joined by the prodigious Beth Neville on Vocals. A creative force of nature in her own right, Beth slotted right in with the AP sound, outlook & attitude, bringing her own inimitable style & flair. Spinal Tap-Esque Bass meltdown & Drum explosions also resulted in a revision of the rhythm section with the recruitment of genuine Hard Rock talent in the form of Alper Akin, bringing an exciting harder-edged percussive sound alongside a hybrid of 4-string & analog synth Bass.


Accidental President
David Bentley
0432 063865

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Colorado Rap Artist HOWELL Emerges in 2019 with a new captivating style and rythym to his new album.

Denver, Colorado — Friday, August 2nd, 2019 — Are you a Hip hop fan looking for something new to listen to? Tired of the same sounding songs about cars, money, and girls? HOWELL was too.

HOWELL newest album “The White Wolf” dropping in August 2019 on all streaming platforms brings hip-hop back to reality and tells stories of him trying to make it in this industry. Being a local artist is not easy and he wants to convey that in his newest album. Hip hop in his eyes has turned around in the mainstream and he wants to be a part of the change.

“HOWELL recites bar after bar full of raw and meaningful energy”, says Buzzmusic. Howells influences from his childhood seem to stick out in his new album. He was influenced by artists such as Linkin Park and Eminem which he mashes and twists into his versatile sound. This album includes everything from Guitar Riffs to hard bass.

While working on the album HOWELL was able to record 2 singles and shoot a music video. He was in Florida and recorded the ” No F**** Anthem” with rap partner “The Zombie” or “The OZ”. With his single “Light Up” he shows us another side, an almost softer but still with raw emotion. “Light Up” is about his perseverance and the changes he’s had to make in life to get where he is now. All in all, HOWELL has been fighting through the mud and it shows on his new album. He hasn’t given up and won’t until he reaches his goal and even then he won’t stop.

To learn more follow HOWELL on all social media and streaming outlets at


HOWELL was born on Dec 16, 1994, as Austin Michael Howell in Oceanside California, then moved to Colorado when he was only 6 months old. His music is influenced by his love of Skateboarding, Graffiti, and HipHop. He started writing at 11 years old when tragedy struck and he lost his step-mom in a car accident, he used music as his emotion outlet. 13 years later his dream is becoming more of a reality.


Austin Howell
4504 S Jebel Ct Centennial Colorado 80015

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Meet The Wesley Rogers Band. A Unique Encounter With A New Sound Not Roots, Not Rock, But Rockn’Reggae. Special Treat Sly And Robbie.

Camden New York — Thursday, August 1st, 2019 — The Wesley Rogers Band CD “Strong” will introduce the incredible voice of George Wesley. It is Reggaefied Rock. Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare make a special guest appearance on “Terror In The Streets” and “Angel Of Mercy”. Don’t miss it.

Over 25000 listeners have heard the CD “Strong” on radio stations around the world.   This is an exciting musical invention that goes beyond Roots Reggae, and many new fans are tuning in to it.  You can find Wesley Rogers Band “Strong” on Jango Radio, Radio Airplay, CDBABY, and you can find it now.

Fans have commented, “Good in the style of early Police”, “Very authentic work, keep up the good work”, “GREAT reggae words and music”, “A really great New Wave band”, “Nice song. The lead singer reminds me of Bob Marley”.

All of the compositions, with the exception of “Can’t Always Get What You Want”, are originals. In this form, “Can’t Always Get What You Want” takes on a Caribbean Air.

It has been the intention of this brief overview to give the reader a glimpse into what awaits the listener. Sit back and enjoy your introduction to the Wesley Rogers Band. Happy Listening.

You can find the Wesley Rogers Band album “Strong” as well as downloadable individual tracks on


The Wesley Rogers Band is an Americanized version of Reggae. It is much more Rock than Reggae, not quite Roots. You must hear it form your own opinion. You can name it.



Wesley Rogers Band
Don Rogers
Box 322 Camden, Ny. 13316

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Bethel Music Signs Georgia-Based Singer, Songwriter Dante Bowe

GRAMMY® nominated Bethel Music is continuing to add to their adept collective of worship leaders and songwriters with the addition of Dante Bowe. The roots of Bowe’s relationship with the Bethel Music family run deep with previous collaborations like “Glorious Day” and touring with the group including the recent Heaven Come Conference at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater. He counts names like Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Brian & Jenn Johnson and more of the Bethel Music community as voices of inspiration in who he is as person as well as a worship leader.

“I want to see cultures, generations and denominations unite through a worship movement,” shares Bowe. “This next season is more than bridging gaps it’s about completely merging them, removing all boundaries and boxes. I believe it’s going to come from raising the level of authenticity in our worship. This generation is full of worship leaders who have a real…


Uforia Storm Back With A Much Anticipated New Rock Single ‘Crawl’

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 — Following widespread rock media support, Toronto hard rock band Uforia return with a brand-new single. Crawl is out now on all streaming/download platforms and offers up metallic riffs alongside driving pop-punk melodies and an anthemic chorus.

‘Crawl’ is for fans of Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Billy Talent. It will give you the surge of energy you’re looking for before a workout or sports game. You can find ‘Crawl’ on any streaming or download platform now.

“This was the easiest lyric to write,” says Uforia frontman Michael Ursini about the new single. “Crawl is a song about perseverance. The struggle of fighting through all of life’s obstacles can take a toll on the human body and mind. It reminds people to have faith in themselves -it’s pretty much how I feel every day, trying to get ahead in the music industry.”

What began as a solo project for Michael Ursini has morphed into Uforia, a talented four-piece hard rock band that has released three EPs since 2012. The band has won a number of plaudits including being crowned winners of both Hard Rock’sRising Canada competition and Jack Daniel’s Supporting Act contest and received Mississauga Music awards for “Best Rock Artist” (2017) & Song of the Year (2018). Their single Fight or Flight is heard regularly at Canadian sports stadiums, including the Toronto Blue Jays baseball and the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators ice hockey games. The song also soundtracks the NFL, being played on the Buffalo Bills pre-game playlist.

Uforia will be releasing more new music on September 2019. Keep a lookout for teasers in the coming months.

Visit the band’s website for more info:


Uforia emerges from the deep inner urge to rock. More than just a hobby, creation and performance are entwined into the life’s work of Michael Ursini, Daniel Salij, Dylan Piercey, and Angel Gomez. The art and work they put forth are genuine expressions of their innate creativity. They sincerely feel that they were born to make music, to perform, to raise the energy of the room, and inspire in the listener.

While doing their best to embrace the new age and modern pop sensibilities, they refuse to surrender the hard-hitting, distorted, body rocking, mind-bending rumblings they came up with. From Rush and Floyd to Incubus and Billy Talent, Uforia aims to continue the legacy of rock that has informed their creative styles.

Uforia presents songs that are well crafted, masterfully produced, and explosively performed.



Michael Ursini
79 Tarragona blvd

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ArtistPR Voted Top 10 Music PR Firms By 10BestPR For The 4th Year In A Row

“Artists and industry watchers should expect ArtistPR to continue garnering awards. ” — 10BestPR

Los Angeles, California – July 27, 2019 – ArtistPR’s standout performance with press releases and artist biographies garnered them a 2019 nomination for Top 10 music PR firms by 10BestPR, and they are proud to announce they’ve made the list for the fourth consecutive year. created its own algorithmic application to rate and review PR firms. Their proprietary Analytic Review Algorithm looks at a number of different factors to rank the Top 10 PR firms in different categories. ArtistPR has held a spot in the Top 10 for the Music PR category since 2015.

Over the years ArtistPR has worked with thousands of independent musicians who have utilized their marketing resources, which include DIY courses as well as Done-For-You services such as professional artist biography writing, professional press release writing and distribution to premium news outlets, featured music review placements via blogger outreach and music mastering. Many artists appreciate the quality work and the quick turnaround time.

“…appreciate the thoroughness of including everything.”
— Lukaijah

“Thanks so much for rewriting my bio in such impressive and captivating way. I am really pleased with your work.”
— Andrea Bazzechi

“It’s perfect. I greatly appreciate it.”
— Anthony Martin

10bestprArtistPR has been putting independent musicians first since 2005 with a wealth of marketing resources. Decades of music industry experience have musicians and bands captivated by the treasure trove of information and resources to help them take their music careers to new heights.

ArtistPR plans to make it five years in a row with their new Site Builder product. With indie artists always in mind, they created one of the most user-friendly website builders geared towards musicians. ArtistPR wanted to ensure building a music marketing funnel was not something that would take much of an artist’s time and leave them overwhelmed.

The new Site Builder will not only allow musicians to create a basic website but will help them grow their business as it includes an automated music marketing funnel and ready-made eCommerce store. “For musicians who don’t want to do it themselves, we will build their funnel and website and this service is included for free as part of our membership program,” a company spokesperson noted, adding that either way, musicians will end up with a professional-looking website along with an easy to use and automated marketing funnel.

To get started with ArtistPR, please visit


About ArtistPR:

Founded in 2005, ArtistPR works with some of the most talented music journalists, published authors, and accredited public relations professionals to promote indie artists to thousands of music magazines and blogs, press, media, radio stations, record labels and more. Their mission is to provide independent musicians with the best marketing resources and services that will empower them to grow their fan base and sales so that they can make the world a happier place by making more music.

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